Life & Thread Mobile


Designer: Ole Flensted 
Material: Plastic 
Dimensions: 70 x 125 cm
Color: Multicolor 
Design Year: 1994

Here’s one piece of evidence that there is more in heaven and earth than might be dreamt of in anyone’s philosophy.

The proof lies in our mobile, Life and Thread, whose large wingspan can encompass a whole universe.

Life and Thread contains everything when it invites you to follow its movements.

Along the way, you can meet not only heaven and earth, but also night and day, light and dark, thought and action, or calm and movement.

It moves like a dance, around each other, of a small globe and the colourful ‘sails’.

Accept the invitation. Give yourself time. Dance with it.

The size of Life and Thread makes it ideal for hanging above a sofa, bed or desk, so that you just have to glance a metre or so upwards when you are searching for inspiration.

You can also put your own stamp on Life and Thread by mixing other colours, because we supply alternative sails in the box.

You can thus replace the grey sail with a red one, the blue with a light grey, the yellow with a white, and suddenly the mobile has a completely different balance of colours and a whole new look.

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