Kioski Pikkuakseli Kivet Shirt

$127.50 $255

Designer: Marimekko
Pattern: Kivet
Pattern Designer: Maija Isola
Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: L 78.00cm
Design Year: 1956

The Pikkuakseli button-up shirt is made of cotton and it features the Kivet pattern, which is printed in Helsinki. The shirt has a chest pocket, a button list, and a slightly rounded hemline. The pleated sleeve ends have slits and single-button cuffs. The straight shirt has a relaxed fit.

This fabric was printed with natural indigo, a plant-based dye extracted from Finnish woad. The color may fade a little during the first few washes and use.

Care: Store protected from light. Keep away from direct sunlight. Color may wear off. Wash with like colors. Close buttons before washing. Wash inside out.


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