Wool Mesh Shawls - Fall Winter 2023

Designer: Kashmir Loom 
Materials: 100% Wool

Dimensions: 40 x 80 in

Light Gauze Weave - Light as air, this is a perfect all-weather shawl. The ends are finished with a natural fringe.

These Kashmir Loom Wool Mesh Shawls are created by Jenny Housego and Asaf Ali, together with his brothers in Srinagar, the lake capital of the Indian province of Kashmir. Housego and the brothers, with the team of master craftsmen at Kashmir Loom, have infused a modern soul into the woven and embroidered shawls from Kashmir Valley. They endeavor to preserve heritage while fostering its progress. As the creative force behind the company, Housego brings her training in art history and her deep love, knowledge, and respect for textiles from India and the Middle East as inspiration to the age-old art of shawl-making at Kashmir Loom.


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